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  • Resin ribbon(For PE,BOPP)
  • Resin ribbon(For PE,BOPP)

    • ID:105T
    • Update:2018-8-21 21:36:18

              excellent scratch ,solvent and smudge resistance


    1.can used in film products, epecially in film labels.
    2.excellent scratch resistance and solvent resistance,
    outstanding smudge resistance and resistance to sweat.

    3.high cost-effective. 
    4.reasonable print temperature, remove the trouble of adjusting the printer.
    105T can be applicable to a wide range of printers.Its reasonable print temperature remove the trouble of adjusting the printer.105T is high cost-effective, it can completely replace the same type of imported products .
    5.use patented back coating technology
    Our patented back coating technology is adopted in 105T , it can reduce loss in print head, print head is not easy to be dirtied in the printing process so that it can  extend  the operating life of print head.
    Application mobile phone batteries, clothing tag, jewelry labels,     electronic components, flexible packaging, product identification
    Recommended materials PE,BOPP


              105T Resin ribbon(For PE,BOPP) Property Pie Chart                    


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